Borders League


The Borders Road Running League was formed in 1983 by a number of new running clubs in North Wales and the Western part of Cheshire. The aim was to provide inter-club competition between teams of member clubs on a competitive yet friendly basis. This philosophy continues today with seven races per season, generally between October and April. Each race is between 5 miles and 6.21miles (8 to 10 km) except for the final race which is around 4 miles (6.5km)

The League comprises clubs from across North Wales, Wirral and West Cheshire. The League remains primarily an inter-club competition, although there are awards for individuals within their age groups.

The League races are an opportunity for runners at all levels to compete on a regular basis, a chance to test yourself against runners from other clubs at a similar level, improving performance in an affordable but challenging arena, creating and maintaining friendships between like-minded individuals.

At the end of each race the scores are collected by individual clubs and returned to the Results Secretary to be collated. They are published on the Borders League Website.